My Services

My goal is to help you help your children

My services are unique and empowering to my clients. I focus  my efforts on skill-building and adapt tasks to a client’s abilities to encourage self-reliance. It is my policy to always engage clients, and caregivers, in monitoring progress through the use of rubrics. I find that my clients are more vested in their progress when using a rubric system.

My services typically incorporate some form of technology, such as, creating digital notebooks for organization.  In today’s society, using technology has become either a positive or a negative. It is important to teach our children to use technology, positively, as a tool for learning and organization, not just gaming. It is my hope that all students will be able to use the technological tools that are readily available to ease their frustrations and that of their parents.

My services are reasonable. Costs can be even more reasonable by pre-paying for a number of sessions.  Sessions can vary in length based on the skill being taught.

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